10 features from Protopie changing the world of hi-fi Prototyping.

by Arpit Gupta

1. Available on Windows

Considered as one of the best and first Prototyping tool in market, available on both macOS and Windows.

No need to worry about expensive Apple Devices, you can now easily prototype your designs at ease with ProtoPie.

2. Perpetual license

You can use ProtoPie forever paying once without any hidden/monthly charges. Just pay $99 and you get to keep your last version free forever.

3. ProtoPie Player

Unlike Principle for Mac, ProtoPie Player is available on both Android, and iOS. Now you can easily show your prototypes on both mobile OS.

4. Pie Cloud

You can upload your Prototypes to pie cloud and show your creativity to world with easy interactive prototype on browser.

Check one of my prototype – https://share.protopie.io/QcbmUCdXeRB

5. Easy imports from Adobe XD

Together with Adobe, they are providing the ultimate workflow for designers on Windows. ProtoPie’s seamless integration with Adobe XD allows us to go back and forth between design and prototyping hassle-free.

Design in XD, Prototype in Protopie

6. Senors Triggering

First time I saw something like this my mind just blown out. But yes, it’s here.

You can trigger sensors of your smartphone while prototyping your app. You can trigger the listed sensors with ProtoPie:

  • Tilt
  • Sound
  • Compass
  • 3D Touch
  • Proximity

7. Multi-screen/Multi-scene Prototypes

You can prototype different activity screens of your app. And besides interactions within a single device, ProtoPie makes it possible to easily prototype Interactions that involve communicating among multiple devices, such as chatting or transferring money.

8. IoT integrated Prototypes

ProtoPie’s Bridge function makes it possible to not only create interactions among smart devices, but also allows communication among IoT devices or physical computing tools such as Arduino

Tony Kim

9.  Device Frames

You don’t have to worry about iPhone X’s notch or side round cuts, ProtoPie has a feature call Device Frame which automatically create a Frame around screen artboard so you can work seamlessly.

10. Containers 

If you are familiar with Principal’s or Invision’s Group, ProtoPie has containers in which you can use all triggers, crop content lying outside the container.


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  • Garvit Gupta 06/09/2018

    This seems to be a fantastic prototyping tool with a blend of cool features.

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